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Seserahan (Or in Chinese Tradition means Sangjit), has become common parts in wedding ceremony in Indonesia. In olden time, Seserahan is not a must, however, now seserahan has become culture in a wedding ceremony.

According to literal, sangjit means repercussion of the mariage prosposal from the gloom by giving the wedding gifts to the bride.

Sangjit ceremony usually held between 1 month to 1 week before the wedding day and it is take place at 11.00 - 13.00 pm. Before the groom decide whether gifts or money that will be given to the bride, it is better to discuss it with bride. After the decision has been made, the gifts will placed on tray or boxes (usually in red color) with even number. Maximum 12 trays or boxes.

Usually, these gifts will be returned to the groom, the bride only half of them. The meaning is : if the bride take all the wedding gifts it means the bride is completely belongs to the groom's family. Nevertheless, if the bride take only half of the wedding gifts, the bride's family still can interfere the couples.

The goods for sangjit :

-  Make up & jewelry for the bride

- Clothes for the bride. Money (ang pao) and money for the wedding party (usualy placed in red envelopes)

- Three trays or boxes contains 18 fruits (apple, orange, pear or other sweet fruits as a symbol of peacefulness welfare and fortune)

- 2 pairs of big red candles, tied by red ribbon as a symbol of protection from negative influence

- 1 pair of pig's feet (it can be changed to can food and 6 cans of green beans)

- 18 pieces of traditional cake (kue mangkok) a a symbol of abundance and luck

- 2 bottles of Champagne ( the brider will take all of them and will be changed with 2 bottles of red syrup )